How to check the EV Charging points Inspection?

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As the number of EV owners continues to increase, so does the number of EV charging points. These charging points need to be periodically inspected to ensure that they comply with the latest government guidelines and that they are safe and fit for purpose. What should you do to maintain the condition of the charger point and how can you inspect it?

Why do you need to inspect the charging point?

With age, use, and environmental factors, your electrical installations can degrade and break down. Left unchecked, this can seriously jeopardize the health of your family and damage your property.

Having your electrical installations and portable appliances tested and inspected regularly helps you ensure their safety all the time.

Besides, the law in some countries requires the duty holder to ensure the safety of the EV charging point. This also involves the maintenance of all electrical systems to protect and prevent any possible safety risk and electrical-related incident or fire hazard caused by an electrical fault to any members of staff or visitors.

What you can do to maintain the charging points?

The frequency of electrical periodic inspections depends on the type of equipment. Many types, including alternators, control panels, and generators, must be inspected every 24 months. However, for fixed wiring installations, this will depend upon the duty holder's risk assessment. This is typically between 3 and 5 years. 

You should never leave electrical safety to chance. Scheduling regular inspections can ensure your fixtures and equipment pose little risk to your family and properties.

Frequently cleaning your charger not only makes it look nicer, but can also ensure no dirt or debris comes into contact with the electronics inside which makes it last longer.