Can you replace an EV battery?

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Electric car batteries are the most expensive and a key structural component of an electric car. Therefore, battery life is one of the most important concerns for owners of electric vehicles, or those considering purchasing an EV. Generally speaking, EV batteries are expected to last between 10-20 years or 500,000 miles. All batteries lose capacity and performance over time. So what will happen when the EV batteries are past their usable life? 

Common problems with electric batteries

  • Battery degradation

All EV batteries will lose capacity over time. Battery degradation is a natural process that permanently reduces the amount of energy a battery can store, or the amount of power it can deliver.

  • Battery fires

According to current data, EVs are no more likely to catch fire than petrol or diesel counterparts. However, EV battery fires are incredibly difficult to extinguish. In the unfortunate event of your battery catching fire, It's likely that you'll need a new car rather than just a replacement battery. 

Repair or Replace

Can you actually repair an electric car battery? The answer is yes. By replacing weak or defective cells or components, it is possible to repair an EV battery. You don't have to dispose of the whole battery for individual cells or modules if they are replaceable. This kind of repair process may only be carried out by a qualified professional. Never attempt to repair an EV battery on your own. 

If repair is not an option, electric car batteries can often be replaced. Replacing a battery is the single biggest expense for EV owners. However, the majority of electric car owners will never need to worry about replacing their electric car batteries. Most car manufacturers provide warranties for their electric vehicles, which typically cover them up to 8-10 years or 100,000 miles.