How to charge EVs at Campgrounds?

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Are you planning on taking your EV camping? If so, you may have wondered about how can you charge the EV. This article will outline the essentials about how to charge EVs at campgrounds. 

  • Find out where you can charge

Not all campgrounds provide charging points for EVs. Therefore, you need to find out which RV parks or campgrounds offer special charging stations for electric vehicles. You should always do your research before heading out to make sure that you will have access to a charging station if needed. With the growing demand for electric vehicle charging, these campgrounds are beginning to install dedicated EV charging stations.

  • What you need for campground charging?

Some RV Parks and campgrounds do not offer pluggable charge adapters. They only offer outlets. That's why you need to bring your own portable charger. You might also need an adapter, depending on what kind of outlet the campground is using. In addition to these, some RV campgrounds are now offering DC fast chargers (DCFCs). They also require special adapters and cables that may not be compatible with all electric vehicles. Make sure you check all this information when you are planning for your travel.

  • How to Charge Your Electric Vehicle?

First, you need to make sure that the charger is plugged into the correct outlet, and don't leave it unattended during the process. It's also crucial to regularly check the charging status and make sure everything is functioning correctly. Additionally, being aware of your EV's range and the time required to charge fully allows for better trip planning, ensuring you have sufficient charge for your next destination. If you are going to do an overnight stay at RV Park, figure out your accommodations. 

  • Beaware of the Safety problem

Always keep safety in mind and make sure that your car is securely connected to the charger. Avoid charging your EV near flammable materials such as bushes, tents, or other vehicles. Maintain a safe distance to prevent potential fire accidents. Never attempt to charge your EV from a standard electrical outlet in campgrounds not specifically designed for EV charging. This can lead to electrical overloads or damage to the outlet. Understanding the safety problems is crucial when charging your EV at campgrounds.