01. General questions

Q1. Can the Daolar EV charger charge all EVs on the road?
A: Only choose the right connector type, Type 1 EV charger or Tpye 2 EV charger. Then it will be compatible with your EVs.
Q2. How long will it take to charge my car with your EV charger?
A: A typical electric car (60kWh battery) takes just under 8 hours to charge from empty-to-full with a 7kW charging point.
Q3. How long does daolar EV charger last?
A: Our EV charger can plug in and out more than 10000 times.
Q4. What level of charging do you provide?
A: We provide type 1 ev charger for US customers and provide type 2 ev charger for EU customers.
Q6. Can I adjust my maximum output current on a EV charger ?
A: Yes, Daolar V1 and 16A, 3Phase EU version product can achieve that.
Q7. Do I need to use any apps or internet to use my charger?
A: We have one portable charger which can be controlled with wifi / app. please check there.

02. How to choose ev chargers/ charging station

Q1. How many amps do I need for an EV charger?
A: Most EVs can take in about 32 amps, adding around 25 miles of Range Per Hour of charging, so a 32-amp charging station is a good choice for many vehicles. You may also want to increase your speed or get ready for your next vehicle with a faster 50-amp charger that can add about 37 miles of range in an hour.
Q2. Can I install an EV charger myself?
A: Normally if you buy a portable EV charger and there is a socket already at your home, you don't need to install .While if you want to buy a wallbox or ev charging station, then it'e better to hire an experienced and certified installer.
Q3. What size breaker do I need for a 40 amp car charger?
A: 50Amp
Q4. Should I let an EV battery run down before charging?
A: You've probably been told not to let your smartphone battery die before charging it, and the same goes for your electric car battery. Try to keep it charged between 50% and 80% as routinely as possible, because letting it go completely flat between charges will reduce its lifespan.

03. Payment and Refund

Q1. What Paypemt Methods Are Accepted?
A: Paypal, Klarna Installment
Q2.How Do I Place An Order?
A: You can order on product page directly via Paypal Express Checkout. Or go to cart to proceed out.
Q3.How many days refund will be completed ?
A: If cancel and refund case, refund will be finished within 1 business days. If return and refund, it will take 2~5 business days to finish refund after we receve the returned package.
Q4.How Can I Cancel Or Change My Order?
A: Send us an email or Drop us messages

04. Shipping and Delivery

Q1. What Shipping Methods Are Available?
A: DHL/ UPS/Fedex to most of European countries and USA Areas, for some specific country, we use Priority Line generally. more deitals, please check our shipping policy page
Q2. Do You Ship Internationally? And How Do I Track ?
A: Yes. Normally can track on shipping company official website or 17track.net
Q3. How Long Will It Take To Get My Package?
A: If we send from China, normally it will take 3-7 days to USA, 10-15 days to European countries. while if send from local warehouse,3-7 days generally.

05. Warranty and Return

Q1. How About Warranty ?
A: 1-year warranty. Contact us to know more details about warranty
Q2. How to return my package ?
A: Please check our return & refund policy
Q3. After return,when I can get money back ?
A: Normally 2~5 business days. Varies depending on your payment method

06. Offers&Discounts related

Q1. Do You Offer Any Discount?
A: Normally during some holidays, we will offer some good deals.
Q2. I want to buy 2 more pieces items, can I get any discount ?
A: Maybe you can contact us and tell us more details like what product do you want to order.
Q3. I want to buy 10pcs more, do you have wholesale program ?
A: Yes, we have. Please contact us.
4. Can I get a custom product according to my request ?
A: If you want to resell our product, yes, send us messages. We can discuss.