How to charge your EV on the Road?

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Are you planning a road trip for a long drive? If this is your first time driving an EV for a long trip, range anxiety may happen to you. The key to range confidence when driving long distances in an EV comes down to how well you plan ahead. In this article, we are going to discuss how to plan your long trip with EVs and how to charge EVs on the road.

  • Know your EV's range

If you are driving for a long trip for the day, you might need to stop for a top-up. To plan your route for recharging, you need to know your EV's driving range. Factors such as windy roads, air-conditioning, how fast you drive, and weather conditions can impact how far you can drive on a single battery charge.

  • Plan your route

You need to find out where you can charge before you start the drive. Map out your route so you can plan where you'll stop to charge your EV. If you are planning to stay overnight, you will also need to find out if you can charge your car at the place for staying.

  • Pack smart

You can't always find the cables at the charging stations. So make sure to prepare compatible adapters and cables in your car for emergency. To deal with this kind of situation, you need to figure out which cables you need to access most for public charging stations.

  • Shorter charging sessions

There's no need to charge to 100% when you are on the road, unless you need the range to get to your next destination. It's quickest to charge from 20% to 80%, but charging to 100% can take a long time. As a result, shorter charging stops can lead to a faster trip. Some fast-charging stations will only let you fill up to 80% to ensure more electric vehicles can utilize the facilities.