How to charger your car outdoor?

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Even if you have a home charger, outdoor charging is hard to avoid. You may not have enough room in your household or you are planning for a long drive. Outdoor charging is a perfect solution in these situations. But before you begin, this article will help you with questions you may have for outdoor charging. 

Which level charging station is best for outdoor use?

We recommend a level 2 EV charger. Due to all of the uncertainties that accompany outdoor electric vehicle charging, i.e., weather, pets, and environmental factors, level 1 charging just takes too long.

Is It Safe to Charge My Electric Car in the Rain?

We understand that a lot of people who aren't familiar with electric vehicles can have this doubt. But the answer is always yes. The electric cars are designed to protect the vehicle and drivers from any kind of electrical shock. That means, charging your electric vehicle in the rain should be no different from charging it in any other weather conditions. If your EV can go through a carwash without any problem, a little rain is not going to hurt it either.

What to prepare for public electric car charging?

Even if you have a home charger, you may need a top-up from time to time. Since not all the charging stations have the built-in cable. To prepare for this kind of situation, you might need to use your own cable to connect the car to the charger. But if you are using your own charging cable, don't leave the car unoccupied for long. Because the charging cables can be stolen. Even though some of the EV manufacturers are aware of the situation, the locking mechanisms are not always foolproof. Securing your charging cable can be achieved in various ways using a regular padlock, which is an affordable, fast, and straightforward solution.