How to choose the EV charging cable length?

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One of the challenges that EV drivers encounter is choosing the right charging cable with the perfect length. If you are struggling to find the right cable, don't panic, our cable length guide is here to help you purchase the right cable for you. The length can be an essential consideration for EV owners as it determines the flexibility and convenience of charging options. 

Key considerations

The length of a charging cable typically ranges from around 3 to 10 meters (10 to 33 feet). You need to choose the suitable cable length to charge your EV at home and public charging points.

  • Location

Where will most of your charging take place? If it's at home, you may not need a long cable. But if you plan to charge your car at public charging stations, a longer cable may be necessary. Analyze your typical charging routine and assess the distance between your EV's charging port and the charging station or power source. Your charging habits can influence the cable length that will best suit your needs. Consider any obstacles or potential hazards, such as other vehicles or pedestrians, that could affect cable reach.

  • Vehicle Type

Different EVs have charging ports located in various positions. To avoid scratching your bodywork when handling the cable and to avoid a cable that is too short to reach the terminal, ensure that the cable length you choose can comfortably reach your charger.

  • Future Flexibility

When choosing your cable, think about any potential changes in your charging setup or plans to upgrade your EV in the future. You might need to move to a new place or upgrade your vehicle. Do you often find yourself on the road, perhaps visiting family or for work? A longer cable can be a boon, giving you more options when you're away from your usual charging spot.