About Us

Our History

Daolar is a company dedicated to providing eco-friendly, green, safe products for electric vehicle accessories. Since 2018, we noticed the growing demand for electric vehicles and began assembling a team to research related products. In 2022, we created multiple product lines and developed several cost-effective products, including EV chargers, Wallboxes, adapter cables, and discharge adapters.

In 2023, we faced new challenges, such as confusing terminology and unclear customer needs. We also saw some sellers pushing expensive chargers to customers who may not necessarily need or understand the pros and cons of different options. We hope to create some educational videos to help them simplify the purchasing process and gain a more accurate understanding of product information, allowing them to choose the right product based on their actual situation.

Our Goal

Looking ahead, we will continue to explore new charging technologies and processes, striving to provide our customers with the following services:

  • Focusing on residential charging customer needs
  • Offering the most extensive range of portable mobile electric vehicle chargers
  • Providing various charging speeds suitable for your current car and the fastest current charging speed for your current car, as well as future-proofing for your next electric vehicle charger
  • Supplying the most cost-effective electric vehicle chargers with the widest range, with delivery to most locations within 3-5 days