How to Take Care of your Electric Vehicle's Battery?

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Theoretically, a new electric vehicle's battery can last for ten years or even longer. Electric cars lose around 1 - 2% of their range each year, so for every year you own it, the distance you can drive will be less. If your EV’s max range is just 70% of its original range, you should look for a new battery or electric car. But in reality, the current electric vehicles' batteries can generally only last for five years. Then the batteries will begin to lose their ability rapidly. Your charging habits and environment can affect a lot about how long your EV batteries can last.


1. Avoid Rapid Charging When Possible

Rapid charging is great when you need a charge quickly, particularly if you're only stopping between meetings perhaps or you're on a long drive. But whenever possible and practical, try to charge as slowly as you can to maintain your battery condition. Because rapid charging presses so much current into the batteries in a short period which strains your EV battery and wanes them faster. While it is hard to notice its degradation, eight years of standard charging will give you 10% more battery life compared to 8 years of using fast charging.

2. Be Mindful of Extreme Temperatures

Batteries charge slower in freezing temperatures, and charging your EV in below-freezing conditions isn't the best practice if you want to take care of your battery. Also, you should park your car in direct sunlight for extended periods of time. Because the battery can get overheat and affect the battery performance.

3. Keep the state of charge between 20-80% and only fully charge your EV for long distance trips

It's recommended that you never let your EV run flat or under 20% or charge it past 80%, unless you are getting ready for a long trip. Letting your battery drain empty can cause damage, the same is the case for maxing its charge to 100%. Most of us don't need the car to be fully charged to cover our dialy or weekly driving.

4. Give your EV a run regularly

Like fuel-powered cars, EVs need running regularly to keep in tip-top shape. Taking your electric vehicle out for small drives helps to look after the EV’s battery and overall health.