How long can an Electric Vehicle Sit Without Charging?

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Like any gas-burning cars, electric vehicles can be harmed by negligence and poor maintenance. The technology under the hood is radically different, but the underlying truth is the same: It's best not to let the car sit undriven for too long. Today we will explain just how long you can leave your EV in the garage, and what you need to do in that case.

How long can you leave an EV unused?

The first thing to worry about is the EV's main battery going dead.  If the battery is not charged regularly, it will deplete, and the cells will degrade. This is because the onboard electronics, such as the alarm system and the clock, continue to draw power. Lithium-ion batteries are good at preserving power, but like all batteries, they suffer from vampire battery drain.

It is determined by several factors. Typically, charging an EV at least once every several weeks protects the battery from draining entirely. Most electric cars have low energy modes for extended periods of inactivity, which can preserve a state of charge in the battery for months at a time.

What can you do to prevent battery damage from this situation?

  • Charge the battery

It is suggested that you should charge your battery at least 80% before parking the car. The reason is that if the battery is fully charged and left for prolonged periods of time, it can damage it. So long as you park up with sufficient charge, you can leave your electric car sitting for several weeks.

  • Park the EV in a cool, dry area

One of the biggest enemies of the battery level and range is the temperature. An EV that's left in a place where the temperature is 40 degrees will quickly suffer significant loss of charge. It's critical to keep the EV in a cool, dry environment. Preferably, the temperature should be between 15°C and 25°C.