EV Charger will help you save money

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Operating Costs

Every driver knows that the glow of a new car in the showroom can quickly dim-and the bills can start to pile up. A 2020 study that surveyed German drivers found that half of those surveyed underestimated the total cost of driving, and a third had to cut other expenses to pay for insurance, fuel and repairs.

An unsurprising fact. For many motorists, the biggest cost is fuel - even the average driver who drives just 8,000 miles a year is likely to spend about $1,400 at the pump.

Perhaps a less surprising fact is that electric vehicle owners have a reputation for being savvy, sustainable consumers. A recent study by Novuna Vehicle found that, by all means, EV drivers are more likely to save more money than their fuel-guzzling counterparts.


The study found that EV drivers are more likely to measure their mileage usage compared to conventional car owners. The survey also found that 42 percent of EV owners use methods that include driving more carefully, leaving windows open, and emptying the trunk to reduce the weight of the car.

We are helping to drive real change

Efficient software, long-term savings and more attractive designs are attracting motorists to invest in EV chargers. Eco-smart chargers, like our this product, use the latest technology to help offset the initial high purchase price, while the Wallbox app allows you to consider the local grid and set charging times when power is cheaper.

Time of Purchase

If you choose a charger with scheduling capabilities, you'll save hundreds of dollars on your electricity bill over its lifetime. A typical home cost for a fully charged electric car with a 60kWh battery and 200 miles of range is about $17.

Now there's another incentive. Governments around the world are offering grants to further reduce installation and purchase costs, which means EV users can benefit from significant savings on home chargers.