How dose your driving habit impact your EV battery life?

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In the world of electric cars, battery life is the most critical factor that affects the overall performance and efficiency of the vehicle. Among all the factors that can impact electric vehicles' battery life, you may never heard about speed and acceleration. These 2 driving habits can have a significant impact on your EV range. But how can they affect your EV range? And how can you adjust your driving habits? 

Why Does Driving Style Matter?

  • Speed

Driving at high speeds puts a tremendous strain on the battery, reducing its range. The batteries supply more power to run all other functions at high speed, utilizing more energy, which affects the range. Driving too fast can also cause the battery to overheat, which has an even more drastic effect on the battery range. What's more, the faster you drive, the more your car has to work to overcome the wind resistance, and the more it drains the battery.

  • Acceleration

While electric cars are known for their impressive acceleration capabilities, that acceleration does take a toll on the vehicle's range. Sudden accelerations put a considerable strain on the battery, making it work harder, which ultimately drains it faster. Hard acceleration can reduce your range by up to 50%. The amount of energy required for acceleration and deceleration can cause the remaining charge to drop much more quickly than if it were driven on the highway.

How to adjust your driving habits?

To maximize your vehicle's range, you need to balance your driving habits with the car's overall capacity and capability. Driving at a constant speed rather than constantly accelerating and decelerating can help you maximize your car's range. Not only will driving at a relatively low, consistent speed give you more miles before the next charge but it also provides effective protection for the battery. It is recommended to try to avoid pressing on the brakes too often or too hard, and to rely on regenerative braking where possible.