Do EV Chargers Need Surge Protection?

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When it comes to protecting EV home charge points, you may have experienced the struggle of surge protection. Do electric vehicle chargers really need it? In fact, it's up to you as to whether you want surge protection to protect your electric car charger from power surges. Don't worry, today in this article, we will explain and answer the question of whether you should invest in a surge protection device.

What is a surge protection device for EV chargers?

There are many reasons why electric power surges occur; lightning strikes, faulty electrical equipment, or wiring. All these reasons can cause a rapid and substantial increase in voltage that surpasses the normal 230-volt flow. Hence, a power surge occurs. A surge protection device is installed to protect electrical devices and appliances from power surges. Surge Protection Devices divert the excess power from a power surge into the earth instead of it reaching your electrical appliances, protecting your electrical equipment from being damaged or destroyed.

Do you need surge protection for your EV charger?

If you installed your charger outdoors, it's an important decision to decide whether or not to have a surge protection device. There is a risk that lightning could strike and cause a power surge. If damage occurs from an electrical surge, the cost to replace or repair the damaged charging equipment is significantly higher than the SPD. Many manufacturers won't honour the warranty if a customer opts out and has a surge which then affects the functionality of the EV charger. Better safe to be sorry. 

How to install an electric car charger surge protection devices?

This kind of device should only be installed by qualified and experienced electrical professionals. If the Surge Protection Device is not installed correctly, it will leave your EV charger vulnerable to power surges.